May 25, 2020


Our team has a total commitment to excellence in customer service and providing the highest quality of support to each of our members and vendors. We strive to make a positive difference for our members as they buy what they need and our vendors as they provide solutions.

For our Local Education Agency members ... EDGAR!  New Federal Regulations from the U.S. Department of Education must be followed when spending Federal Funds. All GoodBuy contracts are EDGAR compliant!


Covid 19 - Resource

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For all JOC bids,

Below is the link to the CTC & Spec's, with latest pricing and new COVID tasks included.



Supplier Registration

Bids currently available: - bids will be unsealed and may be viewed by joining the zo

om meeting (click the zoom link to join)  all bids will be unsealed at 10:00 am CST on the date listed before each bid number

  • 5-21-2020 20-21  2G000 Uniforms: Staff Uniforms/Linens/Facility Mats https://zoom.us/j/93507181932
  • 5-28-2020 20-21  3G000 Catering Services https://zoom.us/j/97816028032
  • 20-21  61200 Vehicle Rental: Charter Buses, Trucks, Vans, Autos
  • 20-21  61100 Heavy Equipment & Machinery Rental
  • 20-21  61000 Equipment Rental: General
  • 20-21 7PJOC2 JOC Painting
  • 20-21 7RJOC2 JOC Roofing
  • 20-21 7MJOC2 JOC Mechanical
  • 20-21 7EJOC JOC Electrical
  • 20-21 7PLJOC JOC Plumbing
  • 20-21 7PCJOC2 JOC Paving/Concrete
  • 20-21 7GCJOC2 JOC General Contracting
  • 20-21 7DJOC2 JOC Demolition
  • 20-21 7FJOC2 JOC Flooring
  • 20-21 7HVACJOC2 HVAC


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